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You hear about recycling all the time. Perhaps the shopping bag you use at the supermarket says “Made from 100% recycled material”. You might have spotted blue recycling bins in your workplace or at your children’s school. It is easy to recycle common everyday objects such as plastic bottles or aluminum cans. But did you know things such as the computer or television also needs to be recycled?

Businesses function utilizing a multitude of electronic devices. Devices such as the computer, printer, and telephone are all essential for running a business. However, these devices can also malfunction or simply become outdated. Where can businesses get rid of all their old and unwanted electronics? Electronic devices that are simple thrown away can end up in a landfill where they will leech toxic chemicals into the earth. They might also be burned in an incinerator, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. Inappropriately disposing of electronic devices can lead to pollution and pose a serious health hazard.

However, that’s where we at Regentech can help. As an EPA registered facility, Regentech is able to handle unwanted electronic devices and recycle them. We work to minimize waste and maximize the amount materials recycled, thus reducing pollution and the need to extract raw materials from the earth. Best of all, there is no charge for us to take away your electronic waste. Contact us today and help us keep the Earth a greener place for everyone

Removal of Equipment

Our team will transport your electronic waste back to our facility for proper disposal

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Asset and Material Recovery

Valuable materials will be salvaged and recycled for reuse

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Information Security and Data Destruction

All pieces of information will be destroyed to protect your business information

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